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Hacksaw Ridge|Lionsgate
Copywriting and Social Strategy

Hacksaw Ridge was a somewhat more challenging endeavor to capture the voice of the film and market it to its intended audiences while satisfying those that oversaw it.

There were a lot of moving pieces in terms of overseeing the tone. This film had strong direction from the studio and other organizations affiliated with the making of the movie that needed to be adhered to.

Additionally, we had to tread lightly during this campaign as there was a lot of violence in the film during a time when in society there was also excess violence occurring.

There were also political undertones that needed to dealt with delicately in juxtaposition to a very heavily involved religious community. 

Overall, the direction we went was to highlight the positive morality held by the lead character, as well as patriotism, romance and calls-to-action for the involvement of people associated with the real-life character through user-generated content.

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